Credit: Getty Images

The holiday season is the time of year that we are most envious of celebs. OK, other than summer. Have you seen their bikini bodies?

But which celebrity couple is spending millions on each other this year? According to Huffington Post, David Beckham is giving his wife a number of expensive gifts this year.

The soccer stud reportedly ordered his beloved two pairs of Olivia von Halle pajamas, which cost around $400-500. But what we’re most focused on isn’t what she’s going to be wearing, but rather how she’s going to be traveling.

David is reportedly spending $38.8 million on his wife’s second gift: a private plane. As if you weren’t jealous enough of Victoria Beckham, right? Now she gets to fly around the world with her beautiful husband and his abs while they hang out in her private plane? Not too shabby, Posh Spice. Not shabby at all.

Source: Huffington Post