Credit: Twitter/@Eliza_Coupe Photo: Eliza Coupe's Johnny Depp Husband

Eliza Coupe has good taste!

The Happy Endings star got her own happy ending when she married a guy who kinda looks like Johnny Depp. She told Vulture she only started dating acting coach Randall Whittinghill because he looked like Depp — and he knows it! But they've been together for 12 years, so apparently it works for him. She said she still has a crush on Johnny, but she's also massively obsessed with Michael Fassbender. 

Eliza created a Funny or Die web series called "Why Won't You Talk to Me" about her stalkerish "relationship" with Fassy, who is embodied by a magazine cutout.

Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC Photo: Eliza Coupe as Jane on Happy Endings

She also admitted she grew up loving Leonardo DiCaprio and carried a laminated photo of him in her wallet. (!) "I get the weirdest crushes," she admitted, including Vincent Gallo and "anyong named Vincent."

So she's just as strange (and awesome!) as her ABC character Jane, just in a different way.

Sources: VultureUsMagazine

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