She’s not a royal, a singer, or even the First Lady anymore, but Hillary Clinton was the most talked-about woman of 2012.

Forbes posted a roundup by News360, listing the 10 most talked-about women of the year. How did they come up with this list? “We collect news stories all year long from more than 40,000 sources,” said News360 chief executive Roman Karachinsky. “Between the start of 2012 today that’s more than 50 million pieces of news to measure from.” They searched for the women whose names appeared the most frequently — but only counted headline hits.

Here’s the list:

10. Jennifer Lopez: 9,683 headlines
9. Angelina Jolie: 10,141 headlines
8. Rihanna: 10,355 headlines
7. Kate Middleton: 10,433 headlines
6. Beyonce: 10,954 headlines
5. Angela Merkel: 13,171 headlines
4. Lindsay Lohan: 19,828 headlines
3. Lady Gaga: 22,058 headlines
2. Michelle Obama: 24,451 headlines
1. Hillary Clinton: 26,838 headlines

So, three ladies from the political sphere, six entertainment celebs and … what is Kate Middleton? She’s not really a politician or an entertainer — and yet she’s also kind of both.

Source: Forbes

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