Credit: PacificcCoastNews Photo: Anderson Cooper and Ben Maisani

Anderson Cooper is used to delivering news, but lately, he’s been the news.

came out officially on July 2, saying, “The fact is, I'm gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn’t be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud.”

Then broke the news that his boyfriend of three years, Ben Maisani, was seen kissing another man, according to these damning photos.

And now comes reports of reconciliation after the duo was spotted vacationing together in Croatia with Kelly Ripa, her husband, Mark Conseulos, and Bravo host Andy Cohen.

But who is Ben Maisani, besides an alleged serial kisser?

He’s part-owner of two New York City hotspots, Eastern Bloc and Bedlam. Eastern Bloc is a gay bar in the East Village where, as New York Magazine says, “warmth of the commie décor can be absorbed while nursing a bottle of Rolling Rock or watching Soul Train to a D.J.’s soundtrack.” Bedlam, also in the East Village, is themed like a “the late
19th-century gentleman's club/parlor,” according to its website.

The couple lives in a townhouse that was converted from a fire station. And we know that they love to work out together.

We’re not sure what the status of their relationship is last we checked, keeping your private life private was not a crime but we hope that the guys are finding their own happily-ever-after.