As the former Sexiest Man Alive, Bradley Cooper presumably has his choice of any number of ladies to take to next month's Oscars. And now he's picked one.

The Silver Linings Playbook star  who was nominated this week for his first-ever Oscar  tells E! Online that he'll be taking his mom with him to the ceremony.

"Oh, yeah, that was done," Bradley responded when asked if he had already promised his mom that she'd be joining him at the show.

"One night, when I started the profession, [Mom said] 'If you ever [get nominated], I am the date,'" he revealed. So he's sexy and good to his mom? What's not to like!

And how did his mom react this week when she learned about the handsome Hangover star's Best Actor Oscar nomination?

"She was freaking out," he says.

Credit: Getty Images

Bradley himself was a lot more subdued when he heard his own name mentioned as a nominee, in part because he was so excited that his Silver Linings director had been nominated.

"When David O. [Russell] got nominated [for Best Director]," Bradley says, "I got emotional because he put his whole heart into this movie and every frame, and the DGA didn't recognize him, so... I was so happy, and he was the first name they said."

"So, I was reeling from that, and by the time my name came around... I didn't make any reaction!"

This comes amidst rumors that Bradley has started dating his Silver Linings co-star Jennifer Lawrence, whom he was spotted having dinner with on January 10. Jennifer has broken up with her boyfriend Nicholas Hoult, and Bradley split up earlier this month with Zoe Saldana.

Source: E! Online