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Obviously, all these kids are super adorable in their own way, and they all win. But vote anyway, because it’s fun!

Depending on what kinds of shows you watch, a little kid can be the bright spot in an otherwise dark and drama-ridden series (Henry Bass in Gossip Girl), or the child can be the crux of all the drama before they’re even born (Holly White on Breaking Bad). Similarly, a kid can provide some punchlines in a sitcom ensemble (Lily Tucker-Pritchett on Modern Family) or the entire situation of the comedy (Hope Chance on Raising Hope).

In the case of Henry Mills in Once Upon a Time, he’s a focal point of the series and reminds us of our own childhood wonder and angst. Or, in a more true-to-life drama like Grey’s Anatomy, Zola Grey Shepherd’s arrival feels like the start of a close friend’s family.

Whatever their role on a show, they’re all really cute, and we wanted to celebrate that cuteness with a poll! Who is your favorite fictional child (or baby!) of the small screen?