Credit: O'Neill/White/; Photo: Rachel McAdams Versus Grumpy Cat

When we reported on Rachel McAdam's audacious new red hair this morning, we couldn't help but notice her resemblance in that particular photo to a certain frowny feline.

We get it, Rachel. We'd be super-peeved if paparazzi hounded us day in and day out. We'd shoot daggers with our eyes, too. We'd throw just as much shade.

And, for the record, Rachel, we love you and kiss the ground on which you grumpily walk. You frowning at us would make our lives complete.

But now we have to ask: who wore that scowl better: Rachel or Grumpy? Cast your vote with the blue buttons below.

By the way, HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY, GRUMPY CAT! (He turned 1 yesterday.) Not that Grumpy understands happiness...