In 2013, Jennifer Lawrence is the It Girl everyone worships. No matter what she does, she's labeled "down-to-earth," "funny," "real," and “charming.” Meanwhile, Anne Hathaway — who also won an Oscar on Sunday — can't seem to catch a break, despite working so hard to be liked. It's like Marcia and Jan all over again.

Many of the same fans who love everything about JLaw say Anne tries too hard and comes off as phony instead of real. (Imagine if Anne had fallen at the Oscars, instead of Jennifer. Would people have been as kind?) Just watching that ABC interview where Jennifer meets Jack Nicholson, you can see how easily Jen charms people, whereas Anne's part of the video doesn't have the same spark.

But Anne admitted it does get to her when people criticize her, especially her effusive speeches. That's just who she is — she's all Broadway jazz hands when she’s happy! That's not phony, it’s just a bit too earnest for modern pop culture. And a while back she told Glamour she’d rather edit what she wears than be insulted. “I know it makes me sound weak, but rather than make myself happy and wear the silly hat and say, 'Oh, I don’t care,' I actually really don’t feel like getting made fun of. So I put on something boring and navy and go out and try to disappear." (That was before her flashing incident and the Oscars nipples.)

According to Us Weekly, Anne practiced her Les Miserables Oscars acceptance speech to be more likable, but she was still criticized.

It just seems like Jennifer has been set up as The Golden Girl who represents all that is normal and un-Hollywood, with Anne representing all that is over-the-top and fake. But is that fair? It's accepted, even encouraged, to mock Anne, but if anyone questions anything about Jennifer they are simply labeled "jealous."

Jennifer can instantly pull off effortless-seeming anecdotes and hilarious self-deprecating stories. Anne? Not so much. (Although, Anne was better on Saturday Night Live than JLaw, who was expected to shine in a live comedy spotlight.) So why doesn't that make Anne seem more human and relatable? She's like the underdog — even after being in this business for years. Wouldn't most of us be a little awkward and not-so-perfect in the limelight? Don't we all want to be liked? Jennifer is tailor-made for 21st century fandom, whereas Anne seems at a loss for how to ride that line of casually laughing off this crazy “fame” thing — I’m just like you! — while working like a beast to promote and carry on that whole fame thing.

Anne is a great actress who worked hard for her Oscar and earned it. Same with Jennifer. It's almost too bad the two young women were the "Best Actresses" of the year, since it just invites comparisons. JLaw deserves most of the praise she's been getting, but come on, guys, share the love with Anne!


Credit: YouTube Photo: Jennifer Lawrence Meets Jack Nicholson at 2013 Oscars