Credit: Instagram Photo: Justin Bieber wrote "He's like a human" when sharing this photo of his monkey

Let's hope this sweet little guy lives longer than the hamster.

Back in December, Justin Bieber gave his pet hamster to a fan, and the hamster died earlier this month. JB also took his snake, Johnson, to the 2011 VMAs before auctioning him off. (Last we heard, he was at a zoo in Minnesota.)

Now Justin is hanging out with this adorable capuchin monkey. He's reportedly named OG Mally and was given to Justin as a 19th birthday present from music producer Jamal Rashid. (Justin's b-day was March 1.)  

Credit: Instagram Photo: Justin Bieber and his pet monkey

Apparently German officials confiscated the little guy on Thursday when Justin tried to bring him into the country without the correct paperwork.

It's good that Justin loves animals, but does an "exotic" pet like a monkey belong alongside a 19-year-old world-traveling pop star? What do you think about this? 

Source: Instagram