Michael Phelps appears to be swimming solo.

According to TMZ's sources, the 27-year-old Olympic champion broke up with his girlfriend, model Megan Rossee, 25, because he felt the relationship wasn't going anywhere. They had been dating since last March and Phelps reportedly decided to move on to “pursue other options.” Sounds like a business transaction.

But does this mean Phelps is looking for a serious relationship — maybe even marriage — or does he just want to play the field and this was a gentler way to put it? Maybe it was a distance/time issue. A lot of showbiz-type breakups come down to just never being in the same place at the same time. Or, if you want to check out these tweets compiled by HuffPo, this split may be due to a lack of loyalty...

Sources: TMZ, TV Guide, Huffington Post