Reese Witherspoon knows all. Reese recently told her buddy Chelsea Handler she was nothing before her. And when Robert Pattinson was dealing with the Kristen Stewart "indiscretion" thing, he crashed at Reese's swanky ranch.

Reese is featured on Michael Bublé's upcoming album, To Be Loved, and the singer told On the Air With Ryan Seacrest that Reese ended up beating everyone to the scoop that Michael and his wife Luisana were expecting their first child.

“It’s funny that she was actually the first person that I ever told that I was pregnant, that my wife and I were pregnant,” Michael said. “My manager said ‘Call her’ [to get her to do a song on the album.] And I said, ‘I don’t want to put her in that position.’ … Then my wife came home and told me, ‘Mike we’re pregnant.’ And I was so happy, I was so ecstatic that I thought, you know what, ‘Today’s the day, I’m going to call Reese Witherspoon.’ And it felt so good to get it off my chest and she was so cute and excited [for us].”

Reese agreed to do the song, he said, and she was so professional, she nailed it in one take.

Michael’s new album drops April 23 and he said his baby is due in August. Michael said he’d like to adopt, after this child is born, to share the blessings he’s been given. Doesn’t he sound like he’s going to be the best dad?

Source: On the Air With Ryan Seacrest