Will pregnant Kate Middleton be getting a baby shower soon? The answer surprised us.

Kate and Prince William's baby will get no shortage of attention and adulation when it arrives, but they won't have a baby shower ahead of time, according to E! Online.

"The Brits don't do baby showers," explains an expert on the royal family. "It is not what they do."

"There is a little superstition involved," the source continues. Apparently, British moms would rather not celebrate the baby until it actually gets here. 

There's also another reason for the couple to eschew a shower.

"Plus, William and Kate are very well-aware they are wealthy, and they don't want anything," adds the source. "They can afford their own stuff."

We actually admire this decision, although it would be amazing to see pictures of Kate playing baby-shower games with her pals. (C'mon, Kate - don't tell us you don't wanna play baby bingo!)

However, Kate and Wills have always struck us as a down-to-earth type of couple, so we can see why they wouldn't want a party that's all about them.

Good choice, Kate! But if you need someone to play baby bingo, just let us know.

Source: E! Online