Credit: Instagram

Does Ryan Lochte really need a reason to post photos of his amazing body? Probably not, but at least he pretends.

The 2012 London Olympics swimming god shared this Instagram shot on January 26, writing, "Do I look a lil tanner haha! Headed to my ESPN shoot." As one fan tweeted in response, "Ryan are you trying to kill me?! Forget the tan look at that bod 😍❤"

The comments on Instagram are even better:

• "I could swallow my iPad really..."

• "He is my man. So good looking!"

• "Omg y r u so worried about a girlfriend you could get one at the snap of yr fingers"

Oh, that's right. He's getting his own reality TV show on E!, What Would Ryan Lochte Do, which will follow Ryan as he hunts for the "right gal" and continues his training program.

We're guessing the "right gal" has to appreciate photos like this — and also put up with Ryan being squealed over by more adoring fans. Are you in?

Source: @ryanlochte