First he drops a condom on the red carpet at a movie premiere, and now this?! Watch out, ladies: The former High School Musical star is definitely is not a kid anymore.

While in Australia promoting his new film, The Lucky One, Hollywood heartthrob Zac Efron found himself facing a very interesting question: Are you an expert at unhooking a girl’s bra?

You see, in one particular scene from the upcoming flick, Zac’s character is able to remove a bra with just a simple snap of his finger. So is his real-life counterpart equally as dexterous? Turns out he is.

Using a sexy pink and leopard print bra — which just happened to be on hand; how convenient — Zac graciously demonstrated his technique for the cameras. 

“You just pinch... and slide,” he explained. Easy as that.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Zac Efron Demonstrates How to Unhook a Bra in April 2012 Interview (VIDEO)

Source: Hollywood Life

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