Zoe Saldana may have a successful career and a red-hot love life, but she admits she’s got one pretty major weakness.

The stunning star tells In Style UK that when it comes to men, she doesn’t know up from down.

"I worship men. Men are Adonises," she says in a new interview.

Despite her dedication to the opposite sex, Zoe admits that her tendency to seek out romance has gotten her hurt in the past. "When it didn't work [with ex-fiancé Keith Britton], it was heartbreaking for the both of us, but it's life.”

She ended her most recent relationship, with her The Words co-star Bradley Cooper in December, but she still holds out hope that she’ll find true love again.

"I believe in love because I had it for so long, so I know it's possible," says the star. "I'm not one of these people who's going, 'Oh, because I was with someone for so long I need to take a break.' What if love is just around the corner?"


As for what form that love may take, Zoe’s type may surprise fans.

"A badass renegade! A pirate!” she jokes. "A pirate who can cry.”

 Source: E! Online, In Style UK