Rebel Wilson: New ABC Show Is “Anti-Sex and the City”

Move over Girls, because Rebel Wilson says that her new show Super Fun Night (with a pilot that has been officially picked up by ABC) is an anti-Sex and the City!

“These girls have no fashion sense, they don’t get laid, and they eat real food! So yeah, when you see us walking down the street, we’re not like Carrie Bradshaw,” Rebel told ET Online, “We’re like real girls.”

Being anti-
SATC doesn’t mean that Rebel doesn’t show off her underoos, though.

“My dress does rip off in Episode 1. Can’t get more embarrassing than that,” she admits. Not only was it apparently embarrassing, it was cold! “That night when we filmed that scene? Freezing. Like, snowing. That’s why I had to add the Spanx, just for that additional layer of warmth.”

Rebel takes it all in stride, though: “If it gets a laugh, it gets a laugh!”

“I’ll sleep with Channing Tatum, I’ll sleep with Zack Efron
there’s about 200 people I’ll sleep with for comedy,” she joked.

She hopes that her new show will help encourage girls that maybe don’t feel like they’re pretty enough to “just get out there and have a life.”

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