Aubrey Plaza Kicked Out of 2013 MTV Movie Awards!! (VIDEO)

Credit: MTV

In one of the most endearing, unauthorized stage stormings since ODB at the Grammys — okay, we're exaggerating. But Parks and Recreation's Aubrey Plaza's attempted upstage of Will Ferrell as he claimed his Comedic Genius Award did give us a giggle. Unfortunately, MTV producers did not feel the same way, and asked her to remove herself from the premises. 

An MTV News post confirms that if it was a gag, Aubrey was the only one who knew about it... and while we're not sure her intentions were the same as Kanye's, some are drawing a comparison. (To be fair, we don't know what Kanye's intentions were, either.)

She has "to-do list" written on her chest, so maybe she's just crossing "storm an award show stage" off said to-do list. That's fair! (Or maybe she's promoting her new film, The To-Do List. Or actively sabotaging her new film, The To Do List.)

What do you think? Was Aubrey confused, or was it a simple joke gone awry? Should she have been kicked out? Watch the video and see for yourself! 

(For what it's worth, we think she was just trying to be funny.) 

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