New Walking Dead Season 3 Spoilers Promo: Merle Punches Daryl, Andrea vs. The Governor (VIDEO)

Credit: YouTube

UPDATE: Better version of video now posted.

Did the Governor just tell Andrea that if she goes to the prison, she stays there? And does she hold up a knife to him, while he's sleeping? Funny how people keep getting close to killing The Governor but never quite do the deed. How much suffering could be prevented if they just finished the job?

Anyway, this new promo for The Walking Dead Season 3 is pretty darn good. We see Rick driving around with Michonne, Hershel calling out The Ricktator, more of Andrea vs. The Governor, and Merle punching out his brother Daryl. That has to be some kind of distraction, or part of a larger plan to save them both ... right?  

Walking Dead returns with Episode 9 on Sunday, February 10 on AMC. 

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