Watch a Half-Naked Scarlett Johansson Get Stabbed in the Shower in New Hitchcock Trailer (VIDEO)

Credit: Youtube

Let's make one thing clear: Scarlett Johansson is not high on the list the celebrities we'd like to see stabbed. In fact, she isn't even on the list.

So, when we watched the trailer for the brand-new biopic Hitchcock, which includes a snippet of a blond-bobbed, half-naked ScarJo as Psycho's Janet Leigh getting fake-stabbed in the shower by director Alfred Hitchcock (Anthony Hopkins in a fat suit and heavy makeup), we were just as horrified as when we watched the original shower scene.

It also reminded us of the 1998 version with Anne Heche, but that was terrifying for a different reason.

Watch the trailer and let your childhood memories of watching this on cable and thinking it's not going to be scary because it's in black and white and then realizing you're going to have nightmares for weeks come flooding back.

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