Newsstands Reject Magazine Cover Featuring a Breastfeeding Mom
Newsstands Reject Magazine Cover Featuring a Breastfeeding Mom
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Newsstands Reject Magazine Cover Featuring a Breastfeeding Mom


Hip Mama, an alternative parenting magazine, is causing quite a stir by featuring a breastfeeding mother on the cover. What’s more? Some vendors are even refusing to carry the publication due to the controversy.

The May 2014 cover features a self-portrait by the Barcelona-based photographer Ana Alvarez-Errecalde. In the photo, the artist is topless and breastfeeding her son, age 4, all while dressed in Spider-Man costumes.The tagline reading, “No Supermoms Here” accompanies the image.

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According to Hip Mama’s editorial director Ariel Gore (via The Stir), she shared the May cover image on Facebook, only to have it censored by the social media site, who pulled it from over 100 timelines. Gore also reports that the issue has been rejected by about half of the usual media vendors who distribute the publication.

The May issue focuses on creativity, and Gore, along with the magazine’s art director, Maia Swift — who also happens to be Gore’s daughter — reached out to Ana in order to feature the artist’s work and interview her. They say Ana is an example of “ artist who is doing beautiful work in terms of self-directed and radical images of motherhood.”

Gore points out that the photo in question shows nothing more of Ana’s breasts than any other magazine. “It doesn't bug me at all to see another mother breastfeeding her child in a self-directed image that isn't exploiting anyone,” she told The Stir.

“It didn't occur to me that anyone would raise an eyebrow. I figured that if anyone didn't like breasts, they would, as I do when I see images I don't care for, mind their own business.”

She also reports that after reviewing both customer and vendor comments and complaints, a decision was made to add a newsstand edition featuring “censor dot” over Ana’s breasts. According to the Gore, it was better than having the issue be suppressed completely.

What do you think of the breastfeeding cover? Are you offended by it or feel that it should be featured on newsstands without a censor? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Hip Mama, The Stir