Nicholas Laurita Celebrates the Snow! (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Nicholas Laurita Celebrates the Snow! (VIDEO)

The East Coast has been hit with some frigid weather lately. But one person who seems to be enjoying the cold snap is Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita's son Nicholas.

On Janaury 21, Jac posted video footage of her home getting covered with the fluffy white stuff. Time to bundle up!

She also posted video of four-year-old Nick watching the snow fall through the window and getting excited about the inclement weather. "It's snowy!" Nick exclaims adorably in the video. And Jac encourages him, telling him, "It's snowy! And the snow is white!"

"Nicholas says, 'It's snowing! The snow is white!'" Jacqueline captions the video. So cute!

This isn't the only happy post Jacqueline has shared lately about Nick, who has been diagnosed with autism. "For the first time since Nick's regression, last night I watched him eat an entire piece of chicken with a fork!" Jacqueline tweeted on January 15. "YAY for using utensils!"

And on January 19, Jac posted Nick's search history from his iPad, and the list is adorable. Among the words he has searched include "mommy," "Dora the explorer," "water," and "happy." So sweet!

Are you as thrilled as we are to see how well Nick is doing?

Source: Jacqueline on Instagram