Nick Cannon: Mariah Carey Is “the Best Sex I’ve Ever Had”
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Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon: Mariah Carey Is “the Best Sex I’ve Ever Had”

Nick Cannon's latest TMI-fest continues with a stop on Howard Stern's Sirius XM radio show on April 2, and instead of running down his list of A-list lovers like he did last week on Power 106, he focused his efforts on just one lady: his wife, Mariah Carey.

"[Mariah is] the best sex I've ever had," Nick gushed to the shock-jock. "It's amazing, man … We about to be six years on the 30th."

Well, at the very least, Nick essentially just said that his wife is better in bed than Kim Kardashian. The reality star is among his past sexual partners, he admitted during a controversial interview last week on Mariah's birthday — a fact that Mariah, he says, wasn't too happy about. He told Howard that before his next interview, she kindly requested, "Can you keep your past whorish ways to yourself this morning?" Ouch!

We guess we're happy for them, but flattery aside, we're not sure how Mimi's going to feel about yet another explicit interview coming from her husband. "Nick needs to slow down and stop talking so much. I hope Nick's listening," she said on Power 105.1 back in February. "I would prefer to have a certain degree of decorum versus just saying anything for laughs."

Nick was less explicit about his and Mariah's sex life than he was the last time he spoke with Howard back in June. During that gab fest, Nick told the shock jock all about a sex act Mariah isn't into… and the time before that he admitted getting down to Mariah's own music. So by comparison, the leopard-haired America's Got Talent host showed remarkable restraint.

Besides, if she gets mad, Nick tells Howard he has a plan for dealing with it — they'll have sex, and then she'll fall asleep, and the fight will be over. Wait, he said what? Maybe you won't be out of the doghouse so quickly this time, buddy.

Were Nick Cannon's comments to Howard Stern funny, or did they cross the line? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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