Backstreet Boys\' Nick Carter Accused of Sexual Assault & the Details Are Disturbing
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Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter Accused of Sexual Assault & the Details Are Disturbing


Aaron Carter has been making headlines lately for his HIV-positive fears and his publicized suicide threats.

But now he's got his big brother to share in the negative limelight.

Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter is being accused of sexually assaulting a fan almost a decade ago, as the victim's chilling testimony is now coming to light.

The woman in question, who has yet to be named, claimed her cousin was an acquaintance of Nick's.

The boy bander allegedly offered to fly the two of them down to Key West, Florida for a weekend in March 2008.

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Also in attendance was his friend, Rob Kalouch.

Over the course of their trip, the woman claimed they hung out with Nick and Rob at a Denny's restaurant, while house-hunting for the pop star, and more.

But, according to the victim's testimony, she began to get increasingly uncomfortable in their presence.

“Rob, Nick’s friend, he would keep putting his arm around me or something like that,” she told Radar Online.

“I just wanted to be nice and I didn’t want to, like, put him off or anything like that. But I would, like, try to move.”

Then, an unwanted sexual encounter allegedly went down later that day in the bathroom of Nick's home.

“He pulled me into the bathroom and Nick came in,” she explained.

“They were trying to take my top off. I had a tube top on.

"Um, and they did get it off, and they were touching my chest. And so I was just trying to get my clothes back. I did get them back and I put them back on.”

She then insisted Rob took his penis out, before Nick came in and did the same.

“I started crying,” she said. “Then Nick came in. And he had his dick out already, too, and they put my – they moved my head to Nick’s dick and then Nick asked why I was crying.

"He yelled at Rob and said that, ‘You always do this. You always make the girls cry.’ He’s like, ‘You can’t do that.'”

She then claimed Rob forced himself on her again once the Dancing With The Stars alum left the room, putting her hand down his pants and kissing her on the lips.

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The victim, then 20, returned home one day earlier than planned, took a rape kit at the hospital, and eventually reported the incident to West Allis Police Department in Wisconsin.

No charges were filed against Nick or Rob, and the case was closed three months later in June 2008.

Though the 37-year-old, who's now married and has an 18-month-old son, hasn't addressed the allegations, his rep released a statement on the matter.

“The fact is that there was insufficient evidence to charge my client (or the friend for that matter), and therefore no charges were ever pursued by the District Attorney."

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The statement continues, "Nick had no physical contact whatsoever with the woman, and definitely did not 'force her to perform oral sex on him' or 'insert his fingers in her vagina.' 

"The woman fabricated the claims against Nick for one simple reason — she was hoping to extort money from him.”

Do you think this victim is telling the truth? Or is she trying to get money from the successful pop star? Share below.