Pretty Little Liars’ Nick Roux Reacts to Ezria Tweets: “Some People Think It’s a Reality TV Show”
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Pretty Little Liars’ Nick Roux Reacts to Ezria Tweets: “Some People Think It’s a Reality TV Show”

It’s not easy being the new guy on Pretty Little Liars — especially when your character comes between a beloved ‘ship. But Nick Roux (Riley) seems to be handling the pressure just fine. The actor, who plays Aria’s “weekend fling” Riley on Season 4, Episode 22 (“Cover For Me”), told TVLine that he’s received plenty of “interesting” tweets from Ezria fans since the casting, but he’s taking it all in stride.

“There have been a lot of people who have sent me some really funny, interesting tweets,” he said. “Some people are actually like, ‘Get out of here. We want Ezra. Who are you to do this?’ I think some people think it’s a reality TV show.”

To be fair, Ezria fans are going through a hard time right now. Ezra may not be “A,” but he has been lying to Aria for the entirety of their relationship. He’s taken advantage of her and her friends for the sake of his true crime novel about Ali’s disappearance — and Aria is not about to forgive him any time soon.

This, of course, is why Aria runs off to Syracuse University. She needs to get away from Rosewood and get her mind off Ezra and his book. There, she meets Riley, a musician she meets on a campus tour. According to Nick, Aria and Riley “hit it off for different reasons; they’re both coming off relationships, so they have multiple things they connect with.”

But before Ezria fans get too upset, it doesn’t look like this fling is going to turn into a relationship anytime soon. They both have too much baggage to commit to anything now. “There are more connections than just physical attraction. We kind of both help each other work through some issues.”

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