Nick Viall on Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray: “They’re Terrible For Each Other”
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The Bachelorette

Nick Viall on Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray: “They’re Terrible For Each Other”

Nick Viall does not like Josh Murray at all. Like, not one bit. In a recently released deleted scene from Season 10 of The Bachelorette, there’s a target on Josh’s back, and Nick has his sights on it. No one stands between him and Andi Dorfman. No one.

The scene in question shows Nick talking to the now-eliminated Brian Osborne in their hotel room in Brussels. Nick drops some choice quotes including, “the only really great job she’s [Andi] done is kept me around” and “enough’s enough with the whole good guy routine.” Wow, Nick, we’re pretty sure no one ever thought you were putting on a good guy routine to begin with, but thanks for letting us know the gloves are now officially off.

But the real bomb Nick drops on Coach comes when he gives his assessment of Josh and Andi’s relationship, saying, “we can agree that they’re terrible for each other.” Brian picks his fingernails in response (that’s what we woulda done too, big guy). Please elaborate, NickSalty. Nothing? Shoot.

He continues the Josh love fest with, “I think he’d make a great friend, and I look forward to marrying Andi on top of a mountain and going with Josh to her brother’s football game and, you know, watching [Josh’s NFL-playing little bro] Aaron Murray sling some touchdowns and introducing Josh to our new dog, Murray.” Cat claws retract!

Um, question, Nick: Do you even know the woman you’re saying you want to marry? Andi is a Prada gal, so unless by “on top of a mountain” you mean on top of a mountain of Tiffany’s diamonds and designer duds from a Barney’s sample sale, we’re betting she ain’t trudging up a cliff face in heels. And, we’re pretty sure if you showed up with your dog named Murray, Josh’s bro Aaron would be slinging more than touchdowns your way. But we digress.

Nick continues his oversharing with, “I’m not rooting for you anymore, I’m not rooting for Chris or Dylan. I hope you guys aren’t rooting for me.” Well, at least he’s an equal opportunity boo-hisser.

Watch the clip below, then tell us what you think of Nick’s comments in the comments.

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