Nick Viall on Fantasy Suite Rendezvous With Andi Dorfman: “It Was Effortless” (VIDEO)
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Nick Viall on Fantasy Suite Rendezvous With Andi Dorfman: “It Was Effortless” (VIDEO)

Ah, love triangles — they’re never really all they’re cracked up to be, as Andi Dorfman is discovering this week. While the Hotlantan and her Final Rose getter, Josh Murray, just want to be on top of the world and shout their love from the rooftops, the ousted party in their threeway just won’t slink away like he’s supposed to. Nick Viall is going on a bit of a press tour of his own, dishing about the now-infamous sex in the champagne room he and the Dorf enjoyed during Fantasy Suite dates. Awkward.

In a recent interview with ET, Nick got into even more detail about the night he and Andi spent without cameras rolling. Host Nancy O’Dell asked the Chicago salesman how the chemistry was in the suite that night, at which he blushed and said, “What I loved about the relationship that we had was how much we about our emotional and our mental and physical connection and it was...I mean...I felt good about it.” Blush, blush, blush. “It was effortless.”

Nancy also asked Nick why, for the love of all things holy why, he broke the first rule of Bachelor club and used the S-E-X word during the After the Final Rose special, to which Nick responded by putting the blame for that on Andi. “I was a little taken aback by her demeanor. She was a little cold.” He does admit his wording wasn’t the best though, saying, “Had I planned on it I would have tried to be a little more delicate, but that being said it was something that weighed on my heart, weighed on my mind.” We’re imagining how many fairytale coloring books he’s created while mulling that night over in his head.

We hope getting to ride the talk show circuit is giving Nick the closure he needs — keep putting it out there, buddy! We’ll listen to all the talks you need. We’re kind of fascinated.

Watch Nick’s interview below then tell us what you think of his explanation for his gaffe in the comments:

Source: ET