Nick Viall Cozies Up To Beautiful Girl In Instagram Pic — Who Is It? (PHOTO)
Credit: Nick Viall on Instagram    

The Bachelorette

Nick Viall Cozies Up To Beautiful Girl In Instagram Pic — Who Is It? (PHOTO)

We’re only halfway through Season 10 of The Bachelorette, but it’s already pretty clear Nick Viall is one of Andi Dorfman’s frontrunners. The Chicago sales rep has won the Atlantan over by trying to do “normal dating” things for her on the reality show, like sending her flowers and writing her “poems.” But, now that taping’s been over for awhile, is he doing those normal dating things for some other girl?

McSalty posted this pretty cozy photo of himself and an unknown beauty to Instagram. Note that the lady in question is wearing what appears to be a wedding dress. Um, Nick? Something you’re not telling us, bud?

Nick captions the photo “#tbt goes out to this little cutie who decided it would be funny to sign me up for some show.” Never fear, those of you on #TeamFrontrunner, through the magic of social media we discovered that the woman in the snapshot is Kaia Hernandez, Nick’s “#BF.” We’re assuming he’s just not hip to texting speak and doesn’t know that hashtag’s missing an extra ‘F’ and should read “#BFF” for ‘best friends forever,’ but whatever, this means there’s still a chance for Nick and Andi.

According to The Shoppe, the Milwaukee salon where cutie Kaia is a wax/lash expert, Mrs. Hernandez was formerly Miss Ostertag, so we’re guessing the pic Nick posted is from her wedding — to the guy in this photo that isn’t Nick.

From his caption, it sounds like going on national television to find love wasn’t Nick’s idea, but he does hashtag his post “#incredibleexperience,” so whether he was coerced or not, it can’t have been all bad.

Relieved to know the woman in the pic isn’t competition for Andi? Let us know.

Sources: Nick on Instagram, Kaia Hernandez on Instagram