How Is Nick Viall Doing After Bachelorette 2014 Finale Dumping? Exclusive
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How Is Nick Viall Doing After Bachelorette 2014 Finale Dumping? Exclusive

Getting dumped is no picnic, especially on national TV after telling your (shared) girlfriend how much you love her. For Nick Viall, that other layer seemed to be too much to handle, as Andi Dorfman’s dismissal put him over the edge. Chris Harrison said at the top of the July 28 Season 10 finale that the “guy Andi didn’t choose” hunted her down (our words) in Mexico while she was on vacation in June (likely with Josh Murray), and continued to try and talk to her at the July 12 “Men Tell All” taping. Sources close to the coulda-been Mr. Dorfman talked to Wetpaint Entertainment to talk about how he’s doing now, two months after his TV dumping.

One source saw the 33-year-old on a recent trip and seemed optimistic about Nick’s state of being. “He was in great spirits, having an awesome time with his friends. It seemed like the show couldn’t have been farther from his mind. He’s doing amazing.” No word on if he was wearing polka dots at the time, or somehow found a way to work in a henley to the mix.

But another source isn’t so sold on post-reality fame Nick and his happiness. “He’s not doing well, and is having a really hard time every day.” Adds a source close to the runner-up, “Everything Chris Harrison said about Nick basically stalking Andi, well it was all led by producers. He wasn’t sure of what to do.”

This is hardly the first time producers have had a hand in stirring up drama, but what does that mean exactly? “They asked if he wanted to go down to Mexico and he said no because he wanted Andi to know ahead of time that he was coming, if he was going to talk to her,” the source tells us. “They asked him if he wanted to come out for ‘Men Tell All’ to talk to her, it wasn’t his plan at all.”

Geeze, guys, lay off the poor guy! Between the phone calls Reality Steve snagged on Nick’s flight home, the letter he wrote to her surfacing (thanks, producers), and talk of this jerking around by the higher ups, we have to say that he’s winning the pity party we’re throwing. You might even call him the frontrunner.