Bachelorette 2014: Nick Viall “Doesn’t Care What Other Guys Think” (VIDEO)
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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2014: Nick Viall “Doesn’t Care What Other Guys Think” (VIDEO)

So Nick Viall is just killin it in the making friends department. Like, if he were in kindergarten his little Trapper Keeper would be full of gold stars earned for being besties with everyone in the sandbox…. said no one, not even Nick. In fact, Andi Dorfman is the only one left who seems to think McSalty smells like roses.

In this sneak peek for June 30’s Episode 7, the Nick Is Awesome tour continues, with the salesman from Chicago selling himself to viewers as the only guy left in the house with a shot at Andi’s heart.

“I would lump Dylan, Brian, and Chris into the same category in the sense that they don’t matter. I can go down the list of the guys left and say why they’re not as much of a fit as I am,” he tells cameras, proudly before smugly adding, “I don’t care what the other guys think.”

Those “other guys” Nick doesn’t care about appear to be aware of Nick’s thoughts on their uselessness, as coach Brian Osborne comments to farmer Chris Soules and soap-free Dylan Petitt, “Maybe that’s a comment that you keep to yourself.” Dirty Dylan responds, “Nothing’s guaranteed.”

At this point, #Frontrunner has alienated himself from pretty much everyone (which the producers demonstrate with sad shots of him walking alone through a park, kicking up sod Charlie Brown style). Hey, everyone knows it’s lonely at the top.

“At this point I feel like it’s me and no one else,” Nick says. “There’s no second, there’s no third. If I were in anyone else’s shoes here, I would just leave.” Nick’s defended himself as being confident not cocky, but we’re gonna have to say these latest comments veer into WTF? territory.

Wanna see farmer Chris looking really cute when he throws a mad face at Nick’s comments? Watch the video below:

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