Who Is Bachelorette 2014 Runner-Up Nick Viall’s Ex-Fiance?
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Who Is Bachelorette 2014 Runner-Up Nick Viall’s Ex-Fiance?

We know it's hard, but try to cast your mind back to a time when you weren't terrified that Bachelorette runner-up Nick Viall would appear at Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray's house with a giant ice shiv made of his own tears. You see, before Nick was Bachelor Nation's resident stalker, he was in a several committed relationships. He even put a ring on one lucky girl's finger at the tender age of 27!

Unfortunately (and somewhat unsurprisingly), Nick's engagement ended up crumbling like a giant toxic cookie of doom when his fiancée pulled the plug. Which might explain why Nick is so sensitive about breakups/stalked Andi for several months before being publicly shamed by Grumpy Cat.

So, what do we know about Nick's dating history? Only what he's told us. And luckily, he's told us a lot because dude literally can't stop talking about his broken heart. Long story short, Nick dated a girl on-and-off for seven-and-a-half years when he was younger, and it wasn't pretty. "I remember being in my early 20s and there was one real bad breakup we had and I was like a mess for six months," Nick told Andi during their date in the Dominican Republic. "I didn't want to talk to anyone for six months."

Totally normal behavior! Of course, after Nick and his girlfriend parted ways, he met his fiancée. "We broke up and I met someone," Nick told Andi during their romantic one-on-one date in Santa Barbara. "It was probably [that] I had to meet someone to get over the last one, because I just couldn't let it go.” [Editor's Note: it's all starting to make sense!] “We actually got engaged, for like a minute."

Tell us more, Nick. "She broke it off," Nick told Andi in the DR. "Honestly I was embarrassed. My ego was so bruised." Yes, that sounds about right. But back to this dude's engagement. Some intensive internet searching didn’t bring up much about the Midwesterner’s ex-betrothed, but she must’ve been some gal. If Nick put a ring on it at 27, and was 33 when he filmed The Bachelorette, it stands to reason that it took him six years to get over his last relationship.

So don't worry Andi, you can start sleeping soundly in about a decade from now.

Are you surprised by how hard it is for poor Nick to get over breakups? Hopefully one day he'll meet the girl of his dreams...probably in a warehouse that manufactures henley t-shirts.