Nick Viall and Josh Murray’s Private Video Messages to Andi — Whose Was Better? (POLL)
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Nick Viall and Josh Murray’s Private Video Messages to Andi — Whose Was Better? (POLL)

In case you needed further proof that Andi Dorfman is living out every woman’s fantasy, after the aptly named Fantasy Suite dates her remaining two men, Josh Murray and Nick Viall, each presented her with a state of the union in the form of a video love note. Seriously, what do we have to do to get our very own producer to follow us around and make sure the men in our lives woo us properly?

As each guy spilled his guts to the Hotlantan, Andi watched the videos with a grin the size of Georgia on her face. Both men were effusive in their feelings, but who said it best?

Nick called back to how he was wary of the process at first, saying “I was a bit of a doubter in the beginning, but I love knowing that from that very first night we definitely had a connection...I’ve been able to go from that skeptic to a person that’s absolutely, totally in love with you.”

Mr. Milwaukee continued the verbal hug, saying “More than anything, I just love knowing that, as crazy as I think this is, that I spend way more time being excited about spending the rest of my life getting to know you than dwelling on the little things I have yet to learn.” Awwww. He likes her just as she is (Bridget Jones anyone?).

So how did J.Murrs fare? “When I stopped playing baseball a while ago,” he says, “I did it because I wanted to have a family of my own. These last few years have been very tough on me, they’ve been full of doubts and concerns that I may never meet that person that I want to spend the rest of my life with. And I’ve had a lot of sleepless night where I’ve just been thinking about my future and all those sleepless nights have been worth it because they’ve led me to you.”

He then goes on to touch on their time during overnight dates, saying “Our fantasy suite was the most memorable night of my life. I wasn’t just picturing a family, I was picturing you as a wife. I want you to wake up next to me in my bed every single day for the rest of my life.” Um, did Josh just imply they woke up in the same bed the morning after Fantasy Suite, or do we just read into things way too much?

Regardless, both men ended their tributes by saying they were ready to spend their lives with the Dorf, which led Andi to gush, “As cheesy as it sounds, I did come here for that great love and I know that great love is in one of those two guys.”

So which guy do you think made his case for being that “great love” better in the videos? Watch their videos below, then take our poll and give us your thoughts!

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