Nick Viall Owns The Bachelorette: Andi Dorfman and Chris Harrison Agree
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The Bachelorette

Nick Viall Owns The Bachelorette: Andi Dorfman and Chris Harrison Agree

Hate the game, not the playa, boys. That was the official motto of The Bachelorette Episode 3, sponsored by 1-800-FLOWERS and hot waitresses everywhere. While Josh Murray and JJ O’Brien chose a full-frontal attack against Andrew Poole for getting a phone number, Nick Viall did his jockeying for Andi Dorfman’s heart on the downlow. And according to Andi and Chris Harrison, Nick’s maneuvering totally won him the day.

In her People blog, Andi dishes on Nick’s sweet moves. “Nick sending flowers was romantic, unexpected and yet so simple… Nick made an effort to make this process feel more like we were dating back in Chicago. I really appreciated that, and as a woman, that's definitely how I want to be treated.” Awwww, our crime fighter is just a big softie after all.

Chris Harrison also dug the move, writing in his Entertainment Weekly blog, “Nick took it upon himself to send Andi flowers. I can’t believe as long as we’ve been doing this show that Nick is the first person to send a woman flowers. It was a great move and it made a huge impression on Andi. Well played, sir!”

Whether he picked up the phone and ordered flowers on his own or had an ABC underling do it for him, Nick just keeps the plays coming. Remember last week when he pulled Andi aside with a date card of his own? We wonder what he has up his sleeve for next week, if he makes it that far.

What did you think of Nick’s flowers? And do you think he’s a power player? Fill up our comments box.

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