Nick Viall Responds to Post-Finale Rant Videos About Josh Murray (VIDEO)
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The Bachelorette

Nick Viall Responds to Post-Finale Rant Videos About Josh Murray (VIDEO)

In past seasons, people may have questioned spoiler king Reality Steve’s intel on Bachelor and Bachelorette finalists, but Andi Dorfman’s season was all but a done deal when some pretty revealing videos of were released on the blogger’s site back in May. Just days after the May 9 finale was filmed, where we now know that the Bachelorette chose Josh Murray as her future hubby, we were seeing Nick Viall trash the former pro baseball player on his plane back to Milwaukee. Sour grapes much?

Now that the MurDorf engagement is public knowledge — and Nick got the chance to air Andi’s dirty laundry (re: their Fantasy Suite sexytimes) in the “After the Final Rose” special — the Season 10 runner-up is finally addressing the videos.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight this week, McSalty was shown the videos in question, where he said such things as, “Josh won’t say s—t. Like he’ll do whatever she wants. He just eats, sleeps, and s—ts and like, has a bad temper.” The host then asked him to respond, to which he said:

“I was a mess. That was like, I think, a day after it ended. I was confused and heartbroken. I had just flown in, finally, to the states. I had my phone for the first time and I reached out to my parents for the first time to say ‘hey, I’m back in the states.’”

OK, we get it. Who doesn’t want the comfort of their parents when they’ve been brutally dumped on national television? And how was he to know that someone would record him… except he was talking pretty loud and he did know he was on a network reality show that has top secret results. Oops. So did he get in trouble with the show?

“They weren’t happy with me,” Nick admitted. “In that recording, you know, I might’ve been a little hard on Josh. I certainly wish I could have taken some of that back.”

Ah well, hindsight is 20/20.

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