Nickelodeon’s Pete & Pete Launch the Strongest Podcast In the World
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Nickelodeon’s Pete & Pete Launch the Strongest Podcast In the World

When some of us were growing up, there was an incredible show on Nickelodeon called The Adventures of Pete & Pete. In it, two brothers named Pete — Big Pete and Little Pete — lived out some strange adventures, accompanied by really interesting friends. And now they’re back with more adventures — on a podcast called “The Adventures of Danny and Mike.”

Talking about it now, it sounds like it was a show about nothing, in the vein of Seinfeld or other situation comedies where nothing happened, but it was surreal in a way that children appreciated (even without knowing they were enjoying surrealism). Among the excellent characters were Artie, the “Strongest Man in the World,” Petunia, who was actually a tattoo on Little Pete’s forearm, and Nona F. Mecklenberg, played by Michelle Trachtenberg.

For those of us who loved the show and the bizarre romances, jokes that were so “inside,” we didn’t even get them, and the relationship between the two brothers, the news about this podcast is superb. The actors, Michael Maronna (Big Pete) and Danny Tamberelli (Little Pete) "will be tasked with a series of challenges at each new destination ranging from guest bartending in Montreal to managing an ice cream truck in Brooklyn."

Their premiere installment was released on September 10. They write, “For our premiere episode the guys will report back from their latest reunion show in Portland, Oregon, where, by all accounts, adventures were had. We'll also delve into some listener supplied questions, see if Mike can…” Although it trails off, we’re interested to see where it goes.

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Source: Vulture / iTunes

09.17.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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