Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Talks Acting Debut in The Other Woman: “It Was a Blessing” (VIDEO)

Now that she has conquered the hip-hop world, Nicki Minaj is hoping to "pound the alarm" at the box office as a bona fide screen star! The 31-year-old is making her live-action feature film debut in the Cameron Diaz comedy The Other Woman when it opens in theaters on April 25.

"It was a blessing," the singer enthuses to E! Online. "It was, you know, something that I dreamt of for a very long time — to do a big movie and then to get a chance to do it with some really influential powerhouse women. It's a blessing."

In the movie, Cameron plays a woman named Carly who realizes that her boyfriend (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) has a wife (Leslie Mann) — and another mistress (Kate Upton). All three ladies team up to take down the three-timer.

Nicki plays Lydia in the flick, an "opinionated" assistant at Carly's law firm — who's on her third marriage.

"It's about sticking together no matter what and not letting men get the power that they want," Nicki says.

Back in the music realm, Nicki is hard at work on her third studio album, The Pink Print — from which she just released the single "Lookin Ass."

Hey, we're all in favor of Nicki becoming a triple threat!