American Idol

American Idol Alum Joins Nicki Minaj For 2014 BET Awards Performance (VIDEO)

In the world of American Idol, we hear plenty about the Kelly Clarksons and the Carrie Underwoods, and while we love these ladies, how about those folks who didn’t win the crown? What happens to them? Well, at least one Season 12 singer is taking a cue from Jennifer Hudson and shooting for the stars despite losing out on Idol. Jog your memories for the name “Burnell Taylor” because this kid is going somewhere.

Burnell, who came in at a surprising seventh during the twelfth season, took the 2014 BET Awards stage on June 29 where he joined some pretty incredible talent: Ms. Nicki Minaj herself. You can see Burnell off to the right-side of the screen in the video above if, you know, you don’t get too distracted by the lyrical dancer, giant mushroom, and huge rabbit also on stage.

Dapper in suit and tie, the 21-year-old talent helped make Nicki’s performance of “Pills n Potions” one of the most memorable of the entire evening (which is really saying something when the likes of Pharrell and Missy Elliott also grabbed the spotlight).

Turns out we weren’t the only ones who spotted Burnell either. Just check out his Twitter feed to see the kind of love the young buck had pour in after his BET appearance. Who says you have to win American Idol to be an American Idol, right?!