Did Nicki Minaj Just Call Out Cardi B For Copying Her in a Music Video?!
Nicki Minaj
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Nicki Minaj

Did Nicki Minaj Just Call Out Cardi B For Copying Her in a Music Video?!


Watch your back, Cardi B!

Nicki Minaj’s fans are coming after the “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker after she was accused of copying the “Starship” singer’s style.

This could get ugly.

According to fans, the 25-year-old’s look in the music video for G-Eazy’s “No Limit” looks very similar to the “Super Bass” hitmaker’s appearance.

In the video, Cardi is wearing thigh-high boots and a full-length coat.

The 35-year-old took to Twitter on Wednesday, December 20 and seemed to call out the fans who noticed the similarities.

“I’m glad ya’ll peeped,” she tweeted.

Nicki’s fans then immediately took to social media to call out Offset’s fiancée’s look.

“Cardi b being a wanna be nicki in no limit video and releasing her Spanish song as wel...like nicki always does [sic],” one user wrote.

“okay so according to the Barbs, she was referring to people pointing out that Cardi B was copying her flow/style in the No Limit video,” another person wrote.

Credit: Instagram    

While many people were on Nicki’s side, others definitely came to Cardi’s defense.

“The only thing we peeped is you stealing lyrics and fashion from Lil' Kim and then applying it to yourself. Cardi is in her own lane, and THRIVING IN IT!” one person shared.

“And besides you might wanna eat some humble pie being that she gave you your biggest hit this year.”

“So you’re the only rapper that can make face expressions. are you the only one that can sing and rap in songs while speaking speaking Spanish [sic],” another person shared.

“You’re not the only one sis humble yourself [sic].”

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