Does Nicki Minaj Miss American Idol? She Says…
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Does Nicki Minaj Miss American Idol? She Says…

Remember this time last year when it felt like every episode of American Idol was going to end in a good old fashioned throw-down between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj? The two diva judges never did get along, leading to some pretty spectacular shade-throwing and side eye during the course of Season 12. But even with all the drama, does Ms. Minaj miss her tour of duty on Idol?

During a recent interview about her new movie The Other Woman, an E! News reporter couldn’t help but ask Nicki about her time on the Fox reality TV series. More specifically, does she think the show’s record low ratings have anything to do with her absence from the judges’ table?

“Hmm well, I wasn’t going to bring that up,” the “Va Va Voom” singer begins, while rolling her eyes toward the ceiling and giving a “what do you think” look at the camera. “Um, you know what, this is what I’ll say.”

Here the video cuts to a new scene, which we’d like to think means Nicki went off the rails and had to have her tirade against Idol edited out. Honestly, though she probably just had to collect her thoughts for the diplomatic answer she gives E!.

“It was a very dynamic season,” she says of No. 12. “Not just from us being crazy as judges but the contestants. I mean, I’ve been listening to [third-place winner] Angie Miller all day and I’m not lying … I think that the singing on our season was just insane.”

Does that mean Nicki thinks Season 13’s contestants don’t measure up? She didn’t comment, just saying that overall she considers Idol “such a great platform for people who need a voice.”

Or who need to get in a little wig-pulling cat fighting now and then.

Source: E! News

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