Nicki Minaj Features Phaedra Parks’s Line in Song, Admits She’s “Obsessed” With Her (VIDEO)
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Phaedra Parks

Nicki Minaj Features Phaedra Parks’s Line in Song, Admits She’s “Obsessed” With Her (VIDEO)

Nicki Minaj’s emotional investment in Real Housewives of Atlanta is hardly news, but we didn’t know how far her obsession extended until now. Not only is Nicki a fan of the Bravo reality show and its drama, she’s also a bit of a fangirl of some of the women — on in particular: Queen of the Read, Phaedra Parks.

“Do you understand how obsessed I am with her?” Nicki told Rickey Smiley Morning Show this week of the funeral director-lawyer. “It doesn’t get better than that. She had me and my girlfriends, like we talk about her the whole hour.”

The moment in question Nicki was likely referring to was Phaedra’s epic takedown of Kenya Moore during the RHoA Season 6 reunion. The Southern Belle is legendary for her ability to cut someone down with words, without ever batting an eyelash or losing her class. On the couch, she told Kenya that “while she’s sitting around running around talking about my husband and the father of my children and she spends her weekend peddling through sperm banks, looking through catalogues trying to find a donor.” It only went on from there…

Nicki’s been so impressed by the Housewife’s shades, she even took inspiration from her “Fix It, Jesus” phrase, which is now featured on a track! And it’s not just what Phaedra says, but how she says it that gets to the “Pills N Potions” rapper.

“We’ll sit there and drink and just talk about how Phaedra be shading people and don’t not one F be given and she don’t even raise her voice, honey,” Nicki explained. “She don’t even have to move, but she will read you down.”

We are right there with ya, girl!

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Source: Rickey Smiley Morning Show