When Nicki Minaj said that she was stripping down from her more eccentric look for her latest album, we had no clue that this was what the Barbz was talking about. On July 24, the Queens rapper previewed the cover art for her latest single, “Anaconda,” which drops later this month, and well, she gave her Instagram followers an eyeful.

Seated in a squat with her back to the camera, Nicki rocks nothing more than a pink bra, a pair of blue and pink retro Jordan sneakers, and a G-string with both cheeks fully exposed — and we’re not talking about the ones on her face.

Credit: Instagram

Playing it pretty cool (as she normally does), Nicki captioned the artwork with “7/28 #ANACONDA on iTunes.

Click here to see the unedited version of Nicki’s “Anaconda” artwork.

Fans (ourselves included) went into a bit of a shock after seeing the cover art, with social media chatter so fierce it turned Nicki’s “Anaconda” into one of the top 5 trending topics on Twitter. Of course, various memes were produced, either loving the artwork or loathing it. THe BET network reminded fans that the single artwork was reminiscent of Nicki’s infamous crotch shot from earlier on in her career.

Despite anyone’s thoughts on the ass-tastic photo, it’s definitely got the crowd riled up and ready for what the platinum-selling artist has to offer.

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Source: Nicki Minaj on Instagram, BET online