Ravenswood Star Nicole Gale Anderson on Miranda’s “Shared Past” With Caleb — Exclusive
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Ravenswood Star Nicole Gale Anderson on Miranda’s “Shared Past” With Caleb — Exclusive

If you thought Rosewood was full of secrets, just wait until you meet the residents of Ravenswood. They’ve been guarding one very big secret for over a century, and Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) and his new friend Miranda (Nicole Gale Anderson) are caught in the middle of it all.

So what can viewers expect from ABC Family’s new supernatural series? Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with star Nicole Gale Anderson at the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode screening at Hollywood Forever Cemetery on October 15, and she filled us in on Ravenswood’s biggest mysteries.

“Ravenswood is a very spooky, creepy, old town,” Nicole told Wetpaint. “It revolves around these five characters who discover that they are under this curse and they all kind of band together to break the curse before it’s too late. It always feels like something is hanging over their shoulders or watching them or there’s always danger.”

That curse has something to do with the gravestones Caleb and Miranda find in the premiere episode. The images on the gravestones look exactly like Caleb and Miranda, and seeing how nothing in Ravenswood appears to be a coincidence, we think these two are definitely part of this deadly curse. Good thing Miranda has a wicked sense of humor to lighten the mood! (We know how broody Caleb can get.)

Ravenswood Star Nicole Gale Anderson on Miranda’s “Shared Past” With Caleb — Exclusive
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“She’s fun, she’s strong, very spunky and witty, very smart,” Nicole told us. “She kind of likes to find the humor in non-humorous situations. She kind of has a shared past with Caleb, you know they’ve been through very similar experiences.”

But could this special connection to Caleb evolve into something more? With Hanna solving “A’s” mysteries in Rosewood, and Caleb trapped in Ravenswood, it’s going to be hard for Haleb to make things work. So could there be a romance blossoming between Caleb and Miranda?

“Potentially, but there’s a curse hanging over their head, so there’s definitely a larger element that kind of keeps them together. I think that, initially, it’s just about watching each other’s backs and just being there for one another. Then something that Miranda experiences at the end of [the first episode] definitely allows Caleb to really want to stay around Ravenswood.”

So it sounds like there’s no immediate plans to turn Caleb and Miranda’s friendship into a relationship anytime soon — but having seen the first episode of Ravenswood, we wouldn’t be surprised if sparks eventually started to fly between these two kindred spirits.

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Reporting by Lindsey Jordahl.

Catch the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Halloween special on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family, followed by the series premiere of Ravenswood.

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