Robert Pattinson May Head Off to Morocco With Which A-List Babe?
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Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson May Head Off to Morocco With Which A-List Babe?

The jury’s still out on Robert Pattinson’s rumored new girlfriend, Dylan Penn, and whether fans will accept her as Kristen Stewart’s replacement on R.Pattz’s arm. Now, though, there’s another Hollywood hottie in the running for Rob’s heart: Nicole Kidman.

Just kidding, you guys. The 46-year-old mother of four and wife of Keith Urban isn’t vying for Robert’s affections. She and the Twilight star are just starring in a movie together! Well, likely starring in a movie together. As Nicole explained to E! News, the details are not “all signed, sealed and delivered.”

Once everything gets ironed out, though, it’s likely Nicole will replace her pal Naomi Watts in Queen of the Desert, a historic drama about archaeologist and spy Gertrude Bell which also stars Robert as British Army officer T.A. Lawrence. Filming will take place in Morocco, where Nicole says she’s ready to face down Edward Cullen’s legions of fans.

“That’s OK. I’ll be ready,” she tells E! News about the expected droves of R.Pattz-ers she’s bound to meet in Africa. She adds: "I think they'll have a tough time finding us over there in Morocco, won't they?"

Oh, how she underestimates the power of the internet in the hands of rabid Twi-fans. At least she says she’s a fan of the series.

“I’ve seen the Twilight movies, yeah,” she told E! before revealing, “I haven’t read the books though.” Nicole, fair warning: That may be a problem for some of Rob’s, um, more devoted supporters.

Source: E! News

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