Credit: Snooki on Instagram Photo: Snooki's High Fashion Bathroom Selfie

Since becoming the fit mommy and savvy businesswoman she is today, Snooki’s cleaned up her act — and her wardrobe. Long gone are the days of tight clubwear and crazy slippers, and we’ve gotta admit, we won’t miss them. Snooki’s most recent looks are definitely our favorite — especially an outfit she sported over the weekend and captured on Instagram for us!

Sunday morning, Snooki showed off a super fierce, glammed up outfit — and she looked fantastic all in gray, which drew attention to her blazing red hair. Her loose dress pants created a great contrast to her tight, long-sleeved crop top, which showed off her tattoos and her awesome fit figure. “You better werk bitch,” said Snooki, quoting Britney Spears’ latest single.

One of our favorite parts of Snooki’s ensemble are the shoes — just one pair of many in her crazy huge collection. And although Snooki’s said she’s “definitely not high fashion,” we disagree!

Want to see Snooki’s massive style transformation for yourself? Check out these photos of Snooki’s outfits then and now. You’ll hardly believe she’s the same girl!

What do you think of Snooki’s style? Are you a fan of her new style or do you prefer her old look? Sound off below!