Credit: Twitter

Baby Lorenzo isn't the only one who's probably excited about the snow.

His mama Snooki is getting her snow day on too and of course, she's doing it in style. "It's snowinggggggg #I'm5 #winterwonderland #snowbunny," the reality TV star wrote, along with a photo of herself wearing tight jeans, brown heeled boots, a black fringed jacket, a leopard-print scarf, and a hat. Snooks does blizzarding right.

"I'm probably the only person that LOVES this weather. I love the cold, i love layering my clothes and wearing scarfs and mittens. I love seeing the trees covered in frosting and I love the sound of snow when you step on it. I'm weird and I love it," Snooki tweeted.

If loving snow is weird, then consider us weirdos too!

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