Aaron Stanford

Full Name: Aaron Stanford
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Born: December 27, 1976

For ladies who tend to go more for the nerds, Nikita's got some eye candy for you. Meet Aaron Stanford. This actor has made waves playing unusual, intense characters.

His breakthrough role came in the 2002 movie Tadpole, in which he played a 15-year old in love with his stepmother (played by Sigourney Weaver). Since then, he’s starred in plenty of indie and big budget films including Runaway (2005), Flakes (2007), Live Free or Die (2006, also starring Maggie Q!), Winter Solstice (2004), Woody Allen's Hollywood Ending (2002), and Spike Lee's 25th Hour (2002). But most likely, you’ll recognize him as "Pyro" (the mutant teen who controls fire and flame in the X-Men movies) or as Dough Bukowski in The Hills Have Eyes remake.

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