Credit: photo via Photo: Lyndsy Fonseca Poses like a Pro at Comic Con NY

Lyndsy Fonseca's Alex may be too useful to Nikita to escape Division, but in the real world, the lovely brunette may leave “Nikita world,” if only temporarily, for Hollywoodland.

While at Comic-Con New York, Lyndsy revealed to NextMovie that she is auditioning for the lead in The Hunger Games, a movie adapted from Suzanne Collins’ popular YA sci-fi trilogy. She would play Katniss Everdeen, a tough 16-year-old who lives in a post-apocalyptic United States. Each year, the new government makes one girl and one boy from each district fight to the death — gladiator-style — in an annual televised event called “The Hunger Games.”

Fonseca is reportedly competing for this prime teen role with her Kick-Ass co-star Chloe Moretz and Dakota Fanning. (The easiest way to settle this? Give the role to the winner of a three-way fight to the death.)

“I actually just got sent the script,” the Nikita actress said. “I haven’t read it yet. We’ll see. I’m actually flying to L.A. on Tuesday because I’ve been in Nikita world — I don’t have any time off. But I have a week off now for the first time in two or three months and I’ve got a stack of scripts to get through. I know very little about it. I’ll talk to you after I read it.”

Source: NextMovie