Credit: Henry S. Dziekan III/Getty Images Photo: Melinda Clarke In New York

Melinda Clarke (Amanda)  is excited to explore Amanda’s relationship with Nikita — she’s just worried it will involve Maggie Q’s fist exploring her face.

“I think personally, Melinda gets a little nervous about the one day where I actually have to fight her!” Melinda told IGN. “Just because I've done a lot of fighting and hand to hand combat, but it's been years. I haven't been really keeping up in that physical sense. Although I should probably be secretly doing it for the day they write something for me, correct? So I'm looking forward to that one day. But you know, we're actors and the job is for them to make us look really good and Maggie is sensational at what she does. I would just fake it.”

Sounds like a good call. It can’t be hard to fake getting schooled by Maggie.

Source: IGN