We’re counting the days until September 9, when Nikita premieres on the CW, and here’s why:
Credit: Photo Courtesy of The CW Photo: This Is My 'Lounging Around The House' Gun
5. Maggie Q is going to kick some serious ass as Nikita. We’re talking about an actress who spent years training with Jackie flippin’ Chan! And let’s face it, it’s about time an Asian woman be given a strong leading role! Well done, CW.
Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW ©2010 The CW Network. Photo: Michael and Alex Tour Division in Season 1, Episode 1
4. It’s a new take on an old show. Rolling your eyes at the thought of another CW-crafted television reboot? This remake has a major twist that totally distinguishes itself from the previous television show and films: the femme spy goes rogue. Betrayed by her fellow spies, Nikita emerges as a one-woman-revolution who is hell-bent on destroying Division. Sah-weet!
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3. You finally have a show you can watch with your boyfriend. It’s the perfect couples show! Guys will dig the action and enjoy watching Maggie slink across the screen in a myriad of revealing outfits. Girls get a smart plot line and a fierce female lead to root for.
Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW ©2010 The CW Network. Photo: Michael at Division Headquarters in Season 1, Episode 1
2. Two words: Shane West. You know, the guy from A Walk to Remember! Yes, it’s been a while, but trust that Shane is still lookin’ delicious. He’ll be steaming up the screens as a Division agent sent to capture the Nikita. Judging by the previews, we predict major chemistry between these two.
Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW ©2010 The CW Network. Photo: Alex Gets to the Point With Amanda in Season 1, Episode 1

1. OMG-worthy plot twists. At The CW's Summer TCA Party at the Beverly Hilton, Maggie Q said, “There’s a hook after every episode on Nikita. There’s always this thing that makes you go, ‘What?’ and makes you want to tune in for the next week. And it’s all very real. It’s not contrived, it’s not something that we’re cheesily trying to hook you in with. It genuinely is just solid storyline and, ‘I want to know why that person did this or where they’re going with this’.” Ok, Mags, we’re in!

Prep for the Nikita series premiere: