Credit: Coqueran/FAME Photo: Maggie Q and a Mystery Man At The Santa Monica Farmers Market

Maggie Q is clearly a fan of workplace relationships. The Nikita star has been romantically linked to several big names, among them Brett Ratner (her director on Rush Hour 2) and actor Justin Long (her co-star in Live Free or Die Hard, better known as both the Mac Guy and Drew Barrymore’s on-again, off-again boyfriend). But what about now? Do any Hollywood hotties have her heart?

Why, yes! Maggie is currently dating Hollywood stuntman David Leitch, whom she met on the set of the 2007 comedy Balls of Fury. He was also the stunt coordinator on Maggie’s 2010 straight-to-DVD B-movie King Of Heroes.We’re glad to see Miss Q dating a normal guy — proof that up-and-coming actresses don’t need famous boyfriends to be celebrities in their own right!

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