Nikita’s Shane West Spills on Mikita: Are They Moving Too Fast?
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Nikita’s Shane West Spills on Mikita: Are They Moving Too Fast?

Will Nikita (Maggie Q) and Michael’s team get any bigger? Shane West, who plays Michael on The CW hit, was on hand at New York Comic-Con to answer that for us last week. Plus, we just had to know: Nikita and Michael took six years to get together on the original series — are they maybe rushing it just a tad? Shane tells all!

“Well, you know, she has her CIA agent with Ryan Fletcher [Noah Bean] and I’m sure she’d like to have this big menagerie of help, and I’m sure that Michael doesn’t want it. But therein lies a lot of problems for the characters, too. But you need all that help. She was so used to doing all this on her own, and it’s probably different for her now as well.

“What’s neat about bringing them together so quickly is all the dynamic things that can happen after that. What’s going to pull them apart? What’s going to bring them back? I think, my only real request is that no matter what happens, I believe it has become a love story inherently with these two characters. So whether it lasts 10 years, two years, five years, six years, I think as long as it comes back to them, where they could be together, I’d be very happy with that. I think breaking them up and having them move on would maybe be a little too painful.”

10.27.2011 / 09:07 AM EDT by Ian Spiegelman
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